About Us


Tried, Tested & True

We are a locally owned and operated state of the art training and testing facility. We offer highly skilled, T.S.S.A. and C.W.B. Certified instructors with many years of experience.

Due to an aging workforce, there is an ever growing need for skilled, high quality welders. Every aspect of welding is taught, from striking an arc to X-ray quality. We are continuously upgrading our equipment in keeping with the changing needs of technology. With our unique hands-on approach, the individual receives one-on-one instruction and spends approximately 90% of the time actually welding in their own booth. But welding is only part of the fabricating industry. To be in demand you need a trade.

The Welder-Fitter trade is one of the most versatile trades in the industry. Our program is based on knowing the needs of industry and training to meet those needs. In addition to welding, various cutting techniques are used and blueprint reading and layout & fitting techniques are taught to provide the skills that are necessary to prepare for future employment. These skills prepare you for many positions in a shop such as cut-off, layout, fitting, quality control and welding. Our graduates can go on to work in a variety of trades such as Ironworkers, Boilermakers, Pipe fitters and Millwrights to name a few. Inquire now to learn this dynamic worldwide industry.